Founding partners

Tania Acerbi
Many PR professionals pass from an agency to a company. Instead Tania switched from the a press to press office. After seven tough years reporting for a leading Computers magazine, she opted to start addressing journalists rather than readers, by joining a top public relations outfit. But that still wasn’t enough. So she moved on again – switching from employee to businesswoman – when she co-founded Prima Pagina communications. Tania speaks fluent English and French.

Vilma Bosticco
Communications on the tips of her fingers. Several years in multinational corporations, were followed by a move to become Manager of Marketing Communications at Borland. Then, three years as Account Supervisor at a noted Milanese PR agency where she was involved not only in running Communications for the biggest of its blue chip clients, but she also managed the European PR network. At Prima Pagina she is co-founder and co-manager of clients, as well as being the agency’s uncompromising chief of Admin chief (on account of her intimidating thunderbolt stare!) Vilma speaks fluent English and French.

Massimo Reverberi
In the early 1990s he began working as a business copywriter and account manager for various clients, including Microsoft and Toshiba. A Political Science graduate (a general degree, perfect for Advertising!), he then became enthused by new technology issues and the emerging World Wide Web. Digital Communications are now central to his role in Prima Pagina, of which he was partner and co-founder. Massimo speaks fluent English and French.