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Designed to maintain high performance and enhanced stability in High Ambient Temperature (HTA) environments


Taipei, Taiwan, 14 June 2013 – ASUS today announced E8 servers and P9D serverboards for new Intel® Xeon® processors based on the Intel® Denlow platform. E8 and P9D models are engineered for High Ambient Temperature operation at up to 40°C, and deliver over 90% voltage regulation efficiency, representing a major improvement over previous models. Both series also feature PCI Express 3.0, USB 3.0, and ASUS PIKE storage upgrade support.

Power-efficient High Ambient Temperature operation

With ASUS-exclusive air cooling designs, the E8 and P9D Series perform well in HTA (High Ambient Temperature) environments, and maintain stability even at sustained temperatures above 40°C.

Their high energy efficiency reduces power consumption, a key aspect of data center applications. Exclusive ASUS Beat Thermal Chokes decrease operating temperatures by 3-5°C and achieve up to 90% voltage regulation efficiency. E8 servers use 80 PLUS power supplies that help reduce operating costs through lower electricity bills.

Exclusive ASWM provides user-friendly management

The E8 and P9D Series support ASWM Enterprise and ASMB7-iKVM remote management tools for convenient and user-friendly hardware monitoring. ASWM Enterprise is the latest ASUS server management software, working in “one on many” three-tier architecture to improve server supervision efficiency.

Locally or remotely, ASWM Enterprise allows IT professionals and administrators to monitor all servers (physical and virtual) simultaneously rather than having to check each one separately. The interface is highly intuitive, offering at-a-glance server status information, including color-coded status indication: green for normal, yellow for warning, and red for critical status. One click of the Asset Report button provides detailed information on each server in seconds.

Scalable expandability and wide input/output choice

E8 and P9D servers and serverboards feature several PCI Express 3.0 slots that support multiple graphics cards and other add-on cards. Legacy PCI is included for wider LAN, graphics, and sound card compatibility. One expansion slot is reserved for ASUS PIKE cards for cost-effective storage upgrades to SAS with support for multiple RAID configurations. USB 3.0 is standard on the E8 and P9D Series for high speed data transfers.


ASUS P9D-E/4L, P9D-C/4L, P9D-MH/SAS/10G-DUAL, P9D-M, and P9D-V serverboards with the Intel® C224 chipset, and P9D-MV, P9D-X, and P9D-I serverboards with the Intel® C222 chipset available worldwide from 2 June. ASUS RS300-E8-RS4, RS100-E8-PI2, TS300-E8-PS4, and TS100-E8-PI4 servers also available 2 June.

Availability and pricing vary by territory. Please contact your local ASUS representative for further information.